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#LoretoToorak testing and education in #PhysicalLiteracy today.

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#TeamGPTAus spent some time today with @victoriauninews at #WangarattaHighSchool promoting sport sciences and active living through hands on experiences including #GPTQA performance assessments.

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Understanding reliability, validity and consistency in performance and fitness testing is essential for you to be acknowledged as a professional in today's world of data analytics and use of data for coaching and development outcomes anywhere in the world.

Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance is a leader in servicing the industry at scale and have now launched their #GPTQA Level 1 course online and this is your chance to enrol with at an “early bird” special price.

Begin your journey in the world of reliable field testing today. The Global Performance Testing Quality Assurance (GPTQA) Level 1 program will build on your skills and knowledge required to understand the rationale and outcomes of field testing on people. The course is fully online which means that you can study at any time, at any place, on any device and around your commitments.

Ideal candidates include: sport coaches (all ability levels), scouts and talent identification personnel, athletes, sport and exercise scientists, personal trainers, high performance managers, school teachers, students and parents.

The modules covered in Level 1 include:
1. Define field testing
2. Assess a test environment
3. Evaluate quality assurance
4. Evaluate results and communications

Upon completion you will be able to:
• Foster a culture of quality and reliability in field testing
• Provide a competitive advantage over people and coaches that are not accredited
• Present a working knowledge of the purpose, delivery and interpretation of reliable field testing on people
• Provide unbiased interpretation of services and data outcomes by third party providers
• Promote the importance of quality assurance and processes around professional field testing on people including your personal and/or clients responsibility for reliability

Official course release is June 1st 2018. To receive an “early bird” discount of 25% simply pre-enrol before 31st May 2018 with exclusive coupon code “GPTQAL1EB” at checkout here: www.gpteducate.com/product/gptqa-level-1-online-course/
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Attention to every detail

Global Performance Testing is an internationally developing business dedicated to the professional unbiased servicing of the performance and wellness testing industry.

With online learning, accredited staff and inclusive procedures, GPTQA ensures your data is valid, consistent and reliable every time.

If you are being tested in schools, clubs or for active living goals you can rely on GPTQA data.

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