"with reliability, validity and consistency we can enjoy true learning, research and development"

The Scientist

Questions to ask yourself:

  • When you are doing research for a project are you 100% satisfied with the source of the data?
  • If you need to do testing on a cohort is it ok to use untrained test assistants for a reliable outcome?
  • Within your training are you familiar with the latest protocols and market demands
  • Would you like access to local, national and international normative data that is true and reliable?
  • Can you access the latest technology with trained personnel?

Global Performance Testing is a partner of leading research institutes with access to deep resources and papers specific to human performance assessment.  Added to this the global reach of high volume clients and data and we are truly a partner for scientists within sport, health and active living.

If you have a project that needs significant reliable data collected, the GPT teams can provide this service for you or work to train you and your team on our quality assurance.

The Student

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Would you like to learn in an environment that offers potential employment?
  • Do you need access to large data sets and reliable information for your project?
  • Can you easily access the latest technology with trained users?
  • Would you like to learn, train and work with likeminded professionals in the industry?

Global Performance Testing are continually looking for students willing to work within the sports and health industries who offer talent in reliability and validity around data collection.

Our programs including learning applications (www.gpteducate.com) which in turn provide employment opportunities that can be flexible around study.

Global Performance Testing always have questions that need researched answers so if you are ever stuck with a basis for your next assignment, we would be happy to work with you for a purposeful resolution to a long-standing question in the industry.