"Where weakness is identified reliably, good coaching practice can create talent by default"

The Coach

Questions to ask yourself:

  • When you do fitness testing on your athletes, is it truly reliable, valid and consistent?
  • If data is provided from a third party, is it reliable enough for your to provide suitable and professional development programs?
  • Does 1% matter to you?  Does it matter to your athlete or team?
  • How do you really know if you have positively impacted your athlete if there is no valid benchmark?
  • Do you need help with data science and sport science?

As a professional in your industry and whether your athletes are elite, sub-elite, development or community participation it remains your responsibility to provide best, safe and purposeful practice in the development and coaching of them at all times.

GPT is here to help with education and reinforce your excellence as a coach with #TrueData in efficient presentation solutions.

From the pre-event organisation to the testing itself you can rest assured that everything you are working with is valid and reliable.

Post event, your GPTID allows you to access your team or class results in simple forms, view individual data and track progress with options to compare athlete versus athlete or a cohort over a period of time.

GPT reinforce the data as a member of your team with services including online courses in data reliability and interpretation and wide views of normative results both generic and sport specific.

What does it mean for me to work with GPT?

You have a professional partner for data collection, interpretation and factually unbiased support to weakness identification for development allowing you the freedom to coach with facts not emotion.

Arm yourself with the tools you need to succeed by using GPTQA services for your next trial, performance assessment and long-term tracking.

The TiD Scout

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the data provided by the athlete or coach actually true and reliable?
  • Can you trust your reputation on fluffy, invalid numbers?
  • Does 1% matter to you when presenting an athlete to your client?
  • Do you truly know what the numbers mean in human performance testing?
  • Are you aware of the variables in poor and inconsistent testing services?
  • Are you aware that GPTQA is the ONLY international quality assurance for human performance data?
  • Do you need help with data science and sport science?

As a professional talent identifier in your sport, it is essential that you can trust your gut feeling on an athlete but equally important that you trust the source of any data.

GPTQA has been designed to partner professional TiD Scouts globally providing peace of mind when an athlete provides data and an even playing field when you run a draft trial combine or test event to find talent.

Our services are available to:

  1. Run a valid and reliable human performance testing event
  2. Provide education to you on reliability, validity, consistency and data interpretation
  3. Provide access through our extensive database on potential talent

What does it mean for me to work with GPT?

Imagine if you could specify some characteristics that you needed for a potential athlete i.e. height, weight, acceleration, power, reaction and receive a short-list of humans matching that criteria.  Well that's what we do with our GPTID matching service.

  • You contact #TeamGPT with specific physiological characteristics
  • #TeamGPT trawl our database for suitable matches and confirm details to you
  • You select any suitable matches by factual data and provide an outline of the opportunity confidentially
  • #TeamGPT contact the athlete privately and acknowledge that there is interest and present your outline of the opportunity.
  • If the athlete is interested, they are provided your direct contact information.  If they are not interested, you are informed
  • Once the consented connection has been made between you and the athlete, #TeamGPT step away

Whether a coach or TiD scout you and your athletes need to be accountable for their development, wellness and fitness to perform.  With GPT everyone is treated in an unbiased way for clarity every time.

#DontSettleForAverage #TrueData #LearnTrainWork