Welcome to the GPT athlete login page, here you can access all your personal performance tracking information.

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What is my GPTID?

When you first register for a GPTQA event anywhere in the world you will have been allocated a unique identification number such as 10244562.  This is your personal GPTID number.

What does my GPTID let me see?

If you have a GPTID then you will have performance data available to see.  The login allows you secure access to your personal results including any official GPTQA fitness testing events, scans or wellness tracks.

Your unique login allows you to see and track yourself for a lifetime.

What do I do if I have forgotten, lost or don't recall receiving my GPTID?

Don't panic, #TeamGPT can help you track it down and create your login.  We do need to go through a few checks to make sure it's you but first of all, complete the above form to "Find a lost login" and we'll do the rest.

I have never attended a GPT event or scan.  How do I get a GPTID?

GPTID's are only for persons who have or are getting active, reliable data from the GPT global network.  If you are about to enrol in an assessment, scan or test event just pop in your details on the above "Register for a GPTID" form and we'll get things sorted.

Does a GPTID cost anything?

To view your ongoing data on GPTBenchmark there is a $5.00 (Australian Dollar) charge per annum to cover administration and support.

Is the data stored securely or shared?

GPT use secure AWS servers and protocols for data security and privacy.  The GPTQA procedures also do not allow for sharing of data without direct consent of the individual.

GPTQA does use non-personal identification data to monitor trends and norms in generic human performance.

How can a scout see my data?

It is usual that GPT receive requests from Talent Identification Scouts (TiD Scouts) for specific physiological characteristics.  Each person can select to be accessible for these opportunities however the data and personal information is NEVER made available to a third party without individual consent from you in writing.

The process is pretty simple and secure:

  1. GPT have your performance data stored and you have given permission to be accessible to scouts (but not visible)
  2. GPT receive a request from a TiD Scout that matches your criteria
  3. #TeamGPT contact you privately to see if you are interested in being linked to the TiD Scout and details of the opportunity are presented.
  4. You decline or accept the opportunity to connect.  If you decline the TiD Scout is informed that there is no interest.  If you accept, then you are provided with the TiD Scout contact information to contact in your own time.  GPT never give personal or contact details to the TiD Scout unless requested by you in writing.
  5. You and the TiD scout take the next steps privately.

If you choose not to be accessible, your data is never considered.

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to drop us a line.